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About the Author

Mary Ellen Copeland is an author, educator and mental health advocate from Vermont, USA. She began a search for ways to manage her own experiences of mental health difficulties in 1988 after being told by her psychiatrist that there was nothing else she could do to live with her difficulties beyond going to hospital and taking medication. By turning to the experience of other people who had been living with psychiatric symptoms, she found a wealth of ideas and strategies that have the capacity to bring about wellness and allow people to get on with their lives. With the assistance of a number of other people, Allan McNab in particular for creating the name WRAP, she has turned her research into the process now known as Wellness Recovery Action Planning or WRAP. Mary Ellen continues teach others and spread the message about mental health recovery. She has published a number of books and videos based on the WRAP message.

Find out more about her and WRAP at www.mentalhealthrecovery.com and www.copelandcenter.com.