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Links / Sponsors

There are many people to thank for their generosity.

Firstly to Mary Ellen Copeland for her willingness to allow this project to go ahead in the first place.

Thanks must go to Frank Bristol of Balance for his gift of time and constant enthusiasm and drive to see this project through. He would not describe himself as a sponsor but without him, this project would never have come to being in the way you see it now.

To the Whanganui DHB for their willingness to fund a project a little different from the 'mainstream', thank you.

Thank you also to the Tangata Whaiora group "Nga Tangata O Te A O Marama Roopu Ki Whanganui" (Peoples of a new beginning in Whanganui) who provided the cultural advice and support necessary to achieve this.

Thank you to Rohan Kidd for the excellent work on the design and development of the graphics used for this project and for creating the website.

As with all the work on the Balance NZ websites thanks must also go to Kiwiwebs for their development work and support behind the scenes.

Finally, thank you to Te Tumatakuru O'Connell and the "Taumauri Trust" for their expertise in translation and support of this project.